Kathleen Barret’s Presentations


Polite Politics: Applying influence to get what you need without compromising your soul

The world is run by politicians. It is not good or bad – it is. And while none of us believe we will succumb to this reality, to succeed – and prosper in our jobs – we all need to understand the rules and how we can apply them within the constraints of our own values.

The New Virtual Reality: How to engage with your employees when you can’t see them

From its inception in 2003, Kathleen ran International Institute of Business Analysis®, a completely virtual company. During her tenure, Kathleen transformed IIBA® from volunteer-managed to a staff-run $5m plus org. What did she do to ensure work got done when she wasn’t watching over everyone? First, by trusting her staff. But then by thinking differently about traditional management activities and implementing alternative approaches.

A Business Analysis perspective on business process management: the foundation of effective organizational change

Business process is the foundation of business analysis, a radical thought since business analysis is typically associated with technology change. Although business analysts do capture technology requirements, they must also include the changes to processes and the needs of people impacted by the change for a complete picture of the requirements to emerge.

The Business Analysis Profession: where do we go from here

While a many of the activities associated with business analysis have been around for a number of years, the business analyst role was not necessarily formalized until fairly recently. Continuing pressure on business to be not only efficient in getting work done, but also effective in addressing changing market demands, has elevated the awareness and importance of the BA role.