October European Tour

Next week, I begin my European road trip. Four cities and two conferences in ten days. How does that work? Well, the first event is the combined Austrian/German Business Analysis Development Day being held in Salzburg, Austria on October 11. … [Continue reading]

So how good are you, really?

I love to take tests. Not the academic kind, mind you - too much anxiety or memories of “all-nighters” associated with those. I mean the fun ones. The quick ones that test to see if you are up on current events; the latest products; what “stars” or … [Continue reading]

You can’t please everyone all the time

If we want to achieve anything in this world, we have to get used to the idea that not everyone will like us Simon Sinek (www.startwithwhy.com) This is very difficult advice for a business analyst to hear. We generally want everyone to like us. … [Continue reading]

Lessons to help me (and maybe you) grow

In planning my next big life / career adventure, I often have to reference a few of my favourite mantras, especially when I feel uncertain or overwhelmed. Here are a few topical selections: Raise the bar higher than you can reach and … [Continue reading]

A New Beginning

On my own again… It has been a while since I have sung the first line to that song. The rest of the words don’t quite fit but the chorus applies: “Cause I'm on my own again All alone again On my own again Without you (IIBA) On my own … [Continue reading]

Business Analysis begins with ‘Why’

One of the most important (and favourite) questions a BA asks is ‘why’. Asking the question, ‘why’, if done repeatedly, will get to the core of an issue. It strips away all the distractions and noise to explore the underlying purpose or … [Continue reading]

The Flavours of Business Analysis

Think about any task you need to accomplish—going to the supermarket, making a bed, washing the car. There is an approach to doing each of these things and there may be commonalities in how different people carry out each task. But not everyone … [Continue reading]

Networking Tips

Many people think that when I was the President and CEO of an international professional association, networking would be easy for me. It wasn't. I find networking very difficult. I have been fortunate that because of my position, when I attended … [Continue reading]

Business Analysis is more than just a Title

In late June we kicked off a new project for International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for the IIBA® website. For those of you unfamiliar with SEO, it is about improving the searchability of your website on … [Continue reading]

To Reach Your Career Goals, Map Your Course

In a previous job, I used to travel to Houston, Texas to meet with companies like Exxon and Texaco. I took these trips with a colleague who knew the area and how to get round the city, so I would drive but he provided the navigation. On one of my … [Continue reading]