Kathleen ImageKathleen is a recognized leader and visionary in the field of Business Analysis. She founded and lead the professional association for business analysts, International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA®), since its inception in 2003 to August 2013. Under Kathleen’s direction, IIBA grew from a completely volunteer-based organization with 37 members, to a global organization with 29 staff and over 26,000 members in 120+ countries and over $5 million in revenue.

As a completely virtual company, IIBA presented unique challenges. It supports six distinct lines of business with many interdependent products that require both robust operational processes as well as an environment conducive to innovation and thought leadership. Ensuring team engagement and effective operations required Kathleen to think differently about conventional management. With her staff, she developed tools and approaches to support this non-traditional environment and is currently writing a book about how to create, run and sustain a virtual organization.

Kathleen recently co-founded MicroMarketPlace, an online, on-demand marketplace that connects managers and experienced business analysts for expert advice, mentoring, coaching or consulting, one hour at a time.

Throughout her career, Kathleen’s focus has been to improve organization performance either as an external consultant or in a staff role. From IT benchmarking to health checks, her approach has incorporated the four pillars or organizational capability: process, tools, information and people. However, Kathleen believes that people provide the competitive advantage in the market. Everyone can do technology, have great processes, but it is organizations that know how to leverage their most valuable and unique resource – its people – that will allow it to survive and thrive in business.

Kathleen is a noted keynote speaker and instructor and has presented at conferences all over the world on:

  • The evolution and future of business analysis
  • Surviving organizational politics
  • Developing your staff and organizational capability
  • Creating and sustaining virtual organizations